We make a home for dogs that need very much to be loved. Great Pyrenees are the best for my former fear of dogs. Helping me to overcome my anxiety lovingly by understanding my motor loops. Reason is they have innate sense of my needs.

Having a timely introduction is key to my success forging relationships since each dog is very different. Understanding that it takes my motor time to adjust to having dog in the house has to happen. Showing me how to interact with each dog has helped me navigate other relationships.

I believe having dog even though tough has made life brighter. Hope to help more dogs in my life. You give my love home just by being here.

Hero keeps helping even though not easy. Choosing to foster rather than own keeps more dogs out of shelters.

Fostering has been great for my family. I hope more people forge relationships just like mine has been.

Our family has been fostering dogs for Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta since October 2012. Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta, Inc.

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